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Our LIN and CAN bus simulators of the Baby-LIN family are proven solutions for controlling vehicle components (ECU's) in the field of testing and production.
No matter if an endurance test, climate test or an EOL (EndOfLine) application is required, with the freely configurable Baby-LIN systems, sensors, actuators, ambient light modules, centre consoles, door panels, steering wheels and much more can be reliably connected to your automation and measuring equipment.
With the LINWorks software supplied, you can configure the BabyLIN system yourself, or you can commission us to do this as an engineering project. Through numerous such projects, we are very familiar with the user perspective.
We know many of your topics and problems from our own experience. These experiences and the feedback from our customers are the impetus for the constant further development of our products.

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The various Baby-LIN products are optimised for specific applications. The choice depends on how you want the system to integrate into your environment.
All systems offer a PC connection (either USB or Ethernet), some offer digital inputs and outputs or an Ethernet interface for connection to a PLC.
Further variants with keys and display allow the realisation of PC-independent manual control units, e.g. for a manual test station or a rework station.
All products are application platforms that are adapted to the respective vehicle component by creating a SDF (SessionDescriptionFile) configuration .
Starting from a LDF (LIN Description File) for LIN or DBC (Vector Data Base) for CAN a residual bus simulation can be configured.
In addition, diagnostic protocols such as DTL, ISO-TP and UDS, as well as freely programmable test sequences are also supported.
You can create the SDF by yourself with the LINWork software, which is included in the scope of delivery at no additional cost.
Alternatively, many customers use the option to have the SDF creation done by our engineering support. Due to our great experience we can do this with fixed deadlines and costs and you can concentrate on other project tasks.

Baby-Lin-3-Single: LIN-Bus simulation device with USB interface


Use case:

  • LIN adapter for host systems with USB port
  • Baby-LIN-DLL with wrappers for C#, Visual Basic, Labview and Python


  • LIN
  • USB

Special feature:

  • Galvanic isolation of USB & LIN
  • Also works without PC (standalone capable)
  • Time-critical tasks run on Baby-LIN-Device
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Baby-Lin-3-RCplus: LIN-Bus simulation device with USB interface


Use case:

  • Standalone applications with LIN and CAN.
  • Create your own control unit as needed
    with 1.54" color display and 9 keys


  • LIN
  • CAN High speed, ISO 11898-2
    expandable to CAN-FD by activation option
  • Hi-Speed USB-C device port
  • Digital In-and Outputs (2 combi pins)

Special feature:

  • USB and LIN/CAN interfaces galvanically isolated
  • Integrated real time clock with backup battery
  • Micro SD card slot for log functions and SDF storage (activation option)
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Baby-LIN-RC-II: LIN-Bus simulation device with integrated keypad


Use case:

  • Independent LIN control unit with 6 freely configurable keys


  • LIN
  • USB
  • Digital output

Special feature:

  • Micro SD card slot for log functions and SDF storage (activation option)
  • Integrated real time clock with battery battery
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Baby-LIN-RM-III: LIN- and CAN-Bus simulator with digital I/O interface


Use case:

  • Standalone applications with LIN and CAN interfaces
  • PLC linkage through digital signals
  • Process linkage through analogue signals


  • USB
  • 8 digital inputs / 6 digital outputs
  • 3 analogue inputs
  • 2 * LIN (1* activation option)
  • 2 * CAN (activation option)

Special feature:

  • Both CAN ports with CAN-FD support (activation option)
  • One CAN port with CAN-HS, -LS, -FD switching option (activation option)
  • Status LEDs on all digital inputs and outputs
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Baby-LIN-MB-II: LIN- and CAN-Bus simulator with RS-232/Ethernet interface


Use case:

  • PLC coupling via Ethernet or RS-232 interface
  • Storage of multiple SDF files on internal EMMC drive
  • Simple ASCII commands to load SDF, execute macros, write and read signals
  • Alternatively, PC operation with own application and Baby-LIN-DLL in Simple Menu Mode is possible


  • Ethernet
  • RS-232
  • 2 digital outputs / 1 digital input
  • Up to 6 LIN channels
  • CAN-HS and CAN-FD options available

Special feature:

  • Log functions on internal micro SD card
  • Remote maintenance via integrated website
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HARP-5: Mobile LIN- and CAN-Bus simulator with display and keyboard


Use case:

  • Standalone unit with display and buttons
  • Configuration of the display and key assignment (signal display/input and macro execution) in the SDF
  • Storage of multiple SDF files on removable SD card


  • USB
  • 2 * LIN (1* activation option)
  • CAN (1 * HS, 1 * LS activation option)
  • 2 digital outputs / 1 digital input

Special feature:

  • 12 volt generator for test item supply
  • Signal displays even without PC
  • Log functions on SD card
  • Network-independent battery operation
  • Can be used like a Baby-LIN-Device in PC mode
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