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We are an experienced team offering hard- and software codesign for embedded systems since 1986. You can expect customized solutions tailored to your specific application requirements. We can build on a considerable quantity of approved solutions which are in use in all domains of industrial applications. This allows for delivery of efficient and stable solutions with predictable time schedule.



Circuit design, PLD design, PCB layout, prototype production, redesign of consisting design to actual state of the art designs.



We use our own EMC equipment during development. Final measurements are done at certified emc laboratories.



Production of electronic units in SMT. Wave-, reflow- and vapor phase soldering processes. Lot sizes from 2 samples to severall 1000 pieces.



Software development in C (Keil/Tasking) and C++ (MS VC++, GNU-C), with or without RTOS.



We are specialists in CAN-bus technologie. We provide low-level solutions as well as high level protocolls (i.e. CANopen, J1939).


Embedded Engineering

If you run into any trouble with your embedded design, you should consider to ask us for help. We have a lot of experience, and til now we cracked every nut.

Embedded solutions from Darmstadt, since 1986....

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